Our Air Conditioning Service Includes:

Leading car manufacturers recommend that the A/C filter be serviced on a regular basis. (Check your owner’s manual for specific mileage interval recommendations for your vehicle.) At Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, for most vehicles, we remove the transmission pan and clean out a portion of the old fluid that may have built up in the transmission; and we replace the old filter and pan gasket.

  • Checking the Freon level
  • Detection of leaks in the system
  • Inspection of the condition of hoses
  • Inspection of the condition of seals

We care for the environment

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers works hard to serve our customers’ needs while being a conscientious corporate citizen. This means taking steps to protect our environment – a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why our technicians have been certified in the safe handling of Freon and other potentially ozone-depleting substitutes. That’s why we also perform air-conditioning services in a closed-circuit removal and recyclable process.