Auto Service & Tune Up

You may know us best for our Signature 10-Minute Oil Change, but Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers offers a number of services to keep your vehicle running like it should. Because we can perform manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance, check ups, tune ups, and repairs, we really are your one-stop automotive service provider.

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers is staffed with ASE-certified technicians who are trained to meet all your automotive repair and maintenance needs. With specialized equipment, we can correctly diagnose your vehicle's system and determine the source of its problems. Or, if you maintenance is what you need, we can flush and filter your transmission fluid, check and replace your engine and cabin air filters, flush your coolant system, align your wheels and more!

Because your brakes are a key component to the reliability and safety of your vehicle, we have developed diagnostic and inspection procedures unmatched in the industry. Being able to pinpoint the exact problem means we are able to make repairs quickly and correctly, keeping you and your passengers safe on the road.

As you may have guessed from our name, tires are one of our specialties! Not only can we rotate and balance them, we also perform inspections and make repairs. If it's new tires you need, you can shop top brands at competitive prices online, or visit a store nearest you! Our certified tire experts will work with you to choose the perfect tire for your vehicle and your needs!

Our Signature 10-Minute Oil Change includes a complementary 20-point inspection of the mechanical and safety condition of your vehicle. This includes replacement of the oil and filter, inspection of the belts, hoses, air filter, steering, and suspension, replacement of fluids (including windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze), lubrication of the chassis, and an inspection of exterior lights. And we do all that in just 10 minutes!

Planning your service is quick and easy with our online scheduling tool, where you can simply select your location, services needed and time!

We look forward to serving you and being your true one-stop shop!

  • Check Brake Fluid
  • Check Power Steering Fluid
  • Fill Washer Fluid
  • Check Battery(s)
  • Check Coolant Reservoir
  • Check Clutch Fluid
  • Check Drive Belt(s)
  • Check Radiator Hoses
  • Check Cabin Air Filter
  • Check Engine Air Filter
  • Check Wiper Blades
  • Check if Tire Rotate & Balance Due
  • Check Lights
  • Check Horn
  • Check Transmission Fluid
  • Lubricate Chassis
  • Check Rear Differential
  • Check Front Differential
  • Check Transfer Case
  • Reset Oil Monitor/Light