vehicle driving through mud

All-Terrain Tires

Travel the road less traveled.

Taking the road less traveled requires an adventurous spirit, a yearning for excitement — and the right kind of tires. Because just like you need the proper footwear to go hiking, your car needs the proper tires to go off-roading! So, if you’re ready to take a trip down adventure avenue, all-terrain tires are made for you.

What are all-terrain tires?

All-terrain tires, or A/T tires, feature extra deep treads to provide more traction on all types of roads. They're fine for normal driving as well, but also able to handle wet, sandy, muddy, rocky and other off-road conditions. All-terrain tires are a fantastic option if you’re looking for a jack-of-all-trades tire you can trust to switch between on-road and off-road driving.

What are the benefits of all-terrain tires?

All-terrain tires provide a smooth ride and good handling in normal driving conditions, but also help drivers tackle challenging driving conditions whereas normal tread tires cannot, making these ideal tires for all types of driving. The strength of all-terrain tires are found in their:

  • Versatility – Provides the best all-around traction to get you through the seasons: hot, cold, dry and wet.

  • Open treads – Deep, interlocking treads help your tires grip slippery or steep surfaces that would leave other types of tires stuck.

  • Reinforcement — Extra support built into the sidewalls to handle heavy loads and rougher off-roading.

Can you use all-terrain tires all year?

Yes, you can use all-terrain tires all year long as they are capable of driving in both normal and off-road conditions, including wet and snow.

All-terrain tires are often confused with all-season tires. The main difference is all-terrain tires are designed for both off-road and normal driving conditions, whereas all-season tires are built to handle seasonal conditions on-road drivers might encounter, such as rain and light snow.

What’s the difference between all-terrain tires and mud tires?

All-terrain tires can handle both normal, on-road driving as well as off-road conditions. However, mud tires are designed almost exclusively for challenging rocky, muddy and wet off-road conditions and don’t necessarily perform as well on flat roads and in normal driving conditions. While mud tires excel in extremely tough conditions, drivers who don’t exclusively use their vehicles off-road tend to prefer all-terrain tires for their improved fuel economy and quieter ride.

Are all-terrain tires right for you? The tire experts at your local Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers are always ready to help you find the right tires for your exact needs.