technician running diagnostic scanner

Car Diagnostic Service

Need a second opinion?

… or a first? We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when our car’s check engine light comes on. What could it be? Is it serious? Do I need to pull over right now? Well, you can quickly and easily get the answers you need and the problem solved with a car diagnostic at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers.

What should you do if your check engine light is on?

First, don’t panic. Second, take a look at the other lights on your dashboard. Is your oil, temperature or any other light on? This could indicate what type of problem you’re dealing with. Also, in many cars, a flashing check engine light could indicate a more serious and immediate problem.

Next, try tightening your gas cap, as this can be a common (and easily solved) reason your check engine light might come on. If the light doesn’t turn off within a few minutes of driving after tightening the cap, you should get your car checked out by our certified mechanics as soon as possible. Ignoring the light could lead to major, much more extensive and expensive problems.

What does a car diagnostic test tell you?

Your check engine light was turned on by your car’s electronic diagnostic system, which generates a code that identifies the problem it detected. When you bring your car in for a diagnostic, our experts will use a computerized scanner to read the code which will point them to the system that needs to be checked. The check engine light can be triggered by a myriad of components such as the battery, transmission, cooling system and others.

What’s included in a car diagnostic service at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers?

After reading the code, your technician will carefully inspect the system that needs attention and determine what the problem is. More than likely, they will run some additional diagnostic tests and check out any related areas of your vehicle that might be affected. They will then explain the problem to you, answer any questions you have and discuss repair options with you.

When your car’s check engine light makes an appearance, you can count on the skilled and experienced technicians at any of our locations to provide the quick, accurate and professional diagnostic services you need to make an informed decision about caring for your vehicle.