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Fuel System Cleaning Service

Go farther with a fuel system cleaning.

Most systems run better when they’re clean, and this definitely applies to your car’s fuel system. A clean fuel system not only helps your car run better and longer, but it also improves fuel efficiency. And with today’s gas prices, you want to make sure every drop you put in your car is able to do its job.

What is a fuel system cleaning?

In the most basic terms, a fuel system cleaning removes debris that has built up in your car’s fuel lines, gas pump, fuel filter and fuel injectors. Debris can get into your car’s fuel system in a variety of ways, but one of the most common sources is contaminants in gasoline. These debris and contaminants can create blockages that prevent fuel from moving properly and can affect the correct ratio of air to fuel going into your engine.

How often do you need a fuel system cleaning?

Your owner’s manual will have specific recommendations about when your car needs a fuel system cleaning. Cleaning your fuel system as part of your scheduled maintenance can help you avoid any performance problems or reduction in fuel efficiency. In terms of your car’s fuel filter, in most cases, this filter should be changed every 30,000 miles.

What’s included in a fuel system cleaning?

At Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, a fuel system cleaning includes putting a cleaning agent into your fuel system and running it through your engine and entire fuel system, including your car’s gas lines, fuel pump and fuel injectors. If needed, your fuel filter will also be replaced as well as any worn parts.

What are the signs you need a fuel system cleaning?

If you experience any of the following, your car might need a fuel system cleaning:

  • Rough idling

  • Reduced fuel economy

  • Hesitation when accelerating

  • Engine knocking

  • Loss of power

  • Cold-start problems

  • Failed emissions testing

  • Sticking throttle pedal

What are the benefits of a fuel system cleaning?

Not only can it solve the headaches listed above, a clean fuel system can increase your engine's overall performance and extend the life of your vehicle. Your car will thank you for keeping up with this important auto maintenance service, and with improved fuel economy, so will your wallet.

If you think you might have a fuel system problem — or if you’re just uncertain about when your car’s fuel system was last cleaned — just make an appointment at any Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers location. Our experienced technicians are here to help.