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Performance Tires

Take your performance on the road.

Most people think of driving as a means to an end – something you have to do to get where you need to be. For others, driving is so much more than that. It’s a passion – a pastime – a priority. For those drivers, performance tires makes taking their show on the road even more rewarding.

What are performance tires?

Performance tires feature specific adhesive properties and tread patterns to provide greater handling and traction for sports cars and other performance vehicles. They are designed for drivers who want a more responsive and exciting driving experience.

What are the advantages of performance tires?

Because performance tires provide increased traction and handling performance, they are ideal for sporting drivers. More specifically, performance tires offer:

  • Maximized grip when accelerating, turning and braking

  • Enhanced responsiveness when steering

  • Higher speed rating than your typical car, truck or SUV tire

  • Sleeker look for sports and racing cars

What’s the difference between performance and all-season tires?

While, all-season tires are designed to provide solid, reliable traction, handling and performance for on-road driving in all types of weather, performance tires are for those who are looking for a driving experience requiring greater grip during increased acceleration and faster braking in both wet and dry conditions.

Performance tires are not safe for use in icy or snowy conditions, so be sure to plan ahead if you live in an environment where you need to switch to all-season or even all-terrain tires.

How do you know if you need performance tires?

What tire you need depends heavily on what type of vehicle you drive and what type of driving you do. If you drive strictly to get from point A to point B in a wide range of weather conditions and want a tire that will last as long as possible, an all-season tire will likely best suit your needs. However, if you consider driving a sport, and want a tire that allows you to truly tackle the open road, a performance tire might be right for you.

Not sure which tires you need? Our online tire shopping tool is a great place to start, or contact the experts at your nearest Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers for 1-on-1 help in finding the ideal tires for your needs.