technician checking oil dipstick

Synthetic Oil Change Service

Synthetic is a welcome change.

There are two basic types of motor oil: conventional and synthetic. Conventional is derived from crude oil, which is natural. As the name implies, synthetic oil is man-made.

The main difference is synthetic oil has been engineered to provide better lubrication for your car and is cleaner than conventional oil. As synthetic and conventional motor oil have different properties, the type of oil you need greatly depends on your vehicle’s type, condition and environment.

Is synthetic oil better for your car?

Many drivers choose synthetic over conventional to ensure maximum protection for their engine against damaging friction and debris. Synthetic oil has been carefully engineered to provide greater lubrication and protection for your car’s engine than conventional oil. What’s more, because synthetic is cleaner, there’s less build up or gunk in your engine, which means everything runs more efficiently and smoothly!

Can you change your oil less often with synthetic oil?

To keep your engine clean and protected, we recommended you change your oil every 3,000 miles, regardless of what type of oil you use.

What is synthetic blend oil?

Also known as semi-synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil is a mixture of conventional motor oil and synthetic motor oil. This gives conventional oil some of the valuable properties — greater lubrication and protection — that synthetic motor oil offers.

What synthetic oil does Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers use?

We use Valvoline oil for the majority of our oil changes, but we are happy to use other brands upon request.

Does synthetic oil cause leaks?

This is a common misconception. Because synthetic motor oil is thinner than conventional oil — yet engineered to provide better protection — it’s more likely to leak if you have faulty seals in your engine. Synthetic oil, however, does not cause leaks.

Have questions about what motor oil is right for your car? Give your nearest Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers a call or just stop by! Our experts can explain your options — as well as manufacturer recommendations — and help you determine which oil you want to use in your vehicle.