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Tire Repair Service

Flat is not where it’s at.

Seriously, there’s not much worse than a flat tire. Even a dead battery can usually recover with a quick jump-start. But changing a tire — assuming you have a good spare — requires some pretty heavy lifting. So, to avoid this distressing situation, it’s wise to be proactive about your tires.

How do you know if your tires need to be repaired or replaced?

  • Uneven wear – This is one of the first indicators your tires might be getting a little tired.

  • Obvious breakdowns and problems – Seeing cord or fabric through the rubber, or cracks or bumps in the sidewall typically means your tires are wearing down and becoming unsafe.

  • Get out a penny – Measuring your tire tread depth with the penny test can help you determine if your tires are wearing out.

Is tire repair the same as a patch?

There are essentially two options for repairing minor holes or tire damage: tire plugs and tire patches.

  • Tire plugs, as the name implies, are pieces of rubber used to fill the hole in the tire. They can typically be done quickly and often without removing the tire from the vehicle.

  • Tire patches, on the other hand, require the tire to be removed from the vehicle. Once removed, the patch is applied on the inside of the tire and when the tire is reinflated, the patch adheres to the tire, basically forming one solid piece of rubber.

Patches are considered a more lasting type of tire repair and therefore can take longer to apply than plugs. If the hole in your tire is located on or near the sidewall, it won’t be repairable. Our professionals can take a look and advise whether a repair is possible or if you need a new tire.

What should you do if you find a nail in your tire?

First and foremost, don’t remove it. If the nail is deep enough, removing it could cause air to leak out of your tire rapidly. It’s important to take action as soon as you find a nail in your tire, as the longer you leave it, the higher your chances of causing further damage or ending up stranded with a flat tire.

The best thing to do is go by your nearest Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers location where we will inspect your tire and discuss your repair or replacement options with you. We’re here for all your tire needs – whether it’s a quick pump-up, a patch or plug, or a new tire purchase.