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Agreement: (Important! Read this Carefully) As an authorized agent of the business applying for credit (hereinafter “applicant"), I understand that this credit application authorizes Express Oil Change, LLC dba Express Oil Change / Tire Engineers (Co-branded) to check all credit and business associations of applicant. Furthermore, I understand that if applicant is granted credit, the following agreements are made in consideration of that extension of credit:

  1. All purchases will be paid for in accordance with terms of sales
  2. If applicant fails to pay for said purchases when due, that the applicant agrees to pay and authorizes the assessment of interest charges of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) on any past due amounts.
  3. In the Event that a lawyer or collection agency is used to collect a delinquent account, applicant understands and agrees to pay all collections costs including court costs, fines, and reasonable attorney’s fees.