Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Franchising

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Franchising Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive more information?

You can call us at 888-945-1771 (ext 114) or complete our online form and our team will reach out to you directly.

Can I convert an existing building or business into an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchise?

Possibly. There will be a number of key factors that will determine if an existing building or business will be a viable location for our business model. First, the site itself needs to be in the right location and have all of the appropriate site characteristics to make it an attractive location for the business. If the site is attractive, in order to potentially convert an existing building it will need to be centered correctly on the lot to allow our quick oil customers to drive through, and it will need to be able to have a pit installed.

The only way to know for sure is to contact us and allow us to do a review of the site.

How much can I expect to earn?

We do not project the profitability of your franchise. Your earnings capability will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to, your location, your operational ability and business acumen, as well as market conditions. As in any business venture there is no guarantee of your success or profitability. We do not make any earning claims. However, in Item 19 of our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), we do supply you with historical data relating to certain average sales, expenses and occupational costs.

Does Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers have 'back office' computer programs to help me manage the business?

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers has developed a proprietary customer database computer system called 'ExpressTrack', which is a powerful and user-friendly tool to help you manage and grow your business. ExpressTrack derives its information through the POS (point of sale) register system with every customer transaction. It delivers extensive reporting and analysis on the business each day at the touch of a button.

What type of training is available?

It is not necessary for a new Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchisee to know anything about cars or automotive repair prior to becoming a franchisee. Our comprehensive training program will provide all the training necessary for the franchisee to operate all facets of the business. A franchise operator must attend and complete an 8-week training process. The process will include both classroom and field training. In addition to pre-opening training and grand opening support, a certified trainer will spend time at your location during the first year and as needed.

Will Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers help me find a site for the proposed franchise business?

Real Estate professionals at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers will provide extensive systems, training, guidance and support to identify and develop the best available site for your business. Once a franchisee has signed an agreement with us, our real estate professionals will spend time in the market with the franchisee candidate and a local commercial real estate broker to review the market place in search of the best sites available.

What sites are appropriate?

We place our stores on approximately 6/10 of an acre, in highly visible, easily accessible ‘A’ retail locations.

We have a systematic process of evaluating property, where each proposed site is personally inspected by a member of our team, as well as analyzed for industry-specific demographic information.

In what areas are you developing? Where can I build a franchise?

We are currently developing in the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

However, we may consider developing in other states with a franchisee commitment to build multiple units over a reasonable period of time.

What are the fees to be a franchisee?

The Initial Franchise Fee ( IFF) for the first store is $50,000, and it is $25,000 for each subsequent location. The ongoing royalty is 5% of gross sales paid monthly. Franchisees are also required to spend 3% of gross sales on local store marketing.

Do you offer financing?

No. We currently do not offer in-house financing, however we do have relationships with national lenders, SBA and build-to-suit providers in order to help expedite the financing process.

Do I have to be at the store everyday and operate the business as the franchisee?

We don’t allow franchisees to be “absentee owners” that only invest in the business with the intent to have an employee operate it. For franchise candidates who do not intend to be involved in day-to-day operations are required to have an Operating Partner. This arrangement can take many forms, but we're happy to discuss with you!

Can I have one or more partners?

Yes. It is quite common for franchisees to have an ‘operating partner’ who runs the day-to-day operations of the business, and one or more ‘investing partners’ who provide some portion of the capital necessary to start the business.

What are the typical startup costs and how much cash do I need to be approved as a franchisee?

The initial cash needed to start the business is typically between $350,000-525,000. This range can be impacted by the franchisee’s decision to buy or lease land as well as financing options. Typical total investment ranges between $2-3 million, which includes land purchase, building, equipment, supplies and other startup costs.

Do I have to have both the quick oil change side of the business and do mechanical work as well?

Yes, it's a critical part of our business model and one of the top reasons our stores are more convenient for the customer than our competitors!

How many employees would I have in my store?

The typical Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchise opens its doors with 6-7 full-time only employees, including the manager/franchisee.

What are the normal operating hours of an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchise?

Our standard hours of operation allow you to balance your personal life with the needs of the business (Monday-Friday, 8am to 6pm; Saturday, 8am-5pm; Sunday, Closed).

What are the typical annual sales of an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchise?

The Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers business concept consistently and significantly performs well above industry averages.

What experience do I need to have to be approved as an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchisee?

No previous auto mechanical experience or knowledge is necessary. We look for general business acumen, strong communication and people skills for motivating your staff and working with customers, a high level of energy, a positive attitude, a drive to succeed at your own business, and future goal orientation.