Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Franchising

Store Staffing & Payroll Systems Delivering Superior Experience

One of the primary keys to success for any Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers location is our unique staffing and incentive strategies.

Store Staffing

We hire only full-time, career-oriented staff to operate our stores. We do this because we believe well-trained, full-time employees are able to provide a higher quality experience for the customer.

Incentive Pay Systems

We have designed a proprietary payroll system for our stores, which rewards all staff members for delivering a fast, high quality, courteous, and trustworthy experience for the customer. We never sell or recommend anything to the customer that isn’t needed for the proper repair or maintenance of their vehicle.

It is this customer experience that brings them back again and again. We work hard to earn the customer’s trust, so they will become a lifetime customer.