Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Franchising

Work/Life Balance

The Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers business model provides its franchisees with an outstanding quality of Life / Work balance, for several reasons.

The retail hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Saturday 8am to 5pm. And Closed on Sundays. And so you and all of your store personnel can be home every night for dinner, and have every Sunday off.

Unlike the restaurant industry which typically has long hours late into the evening 7 days a week, there is no food prep at an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers prior to meal hours and so opening and closing the store each day is more efficient.

We operate our stores with a small staff of full time workers, as compared to restaurants and other retail business concepts that typically employ dozens of part time workers. It is generally easier to manage a small staff of full time career oriented workers than a large staff of part time workers who see their employment as very temporary.