Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Franchising

State of the Auto Repair and Maintenance Industry

The quick oil change and auto repair industries have a strong tail wind propelling us forward.

A stable and growing industry

When making a decision to invest in a franchise, it is vital that the host industry be both economically sound, and offer opportunity for growth. Born in the 1970’s, established and defined in the 1980’s, the quick oil change has become firmly established, not just as a viable business, but also as an industry with enormous growth potential.

Consumer lifestyles dictate an increasing premium on time. The convenience feature of the quick oil change is expected to continue to draw customers away from the long waits at automotive dealerships and mechanic shops.

Auto repair and maintenance is a business that cannot be replaced by the internet, or via Amazon!

Additional Economic Factors

  • An increasing population is also increasing the number of cars on the road.
  • With the rising cost of purchasing a vehicle, people are keeping their cars longer and driving them farther. So, automobile owners are motivated to be more conscious of proper maintenance to protect their investment. This trend is even more prevalent during economic downturns and makes the quick lube industry resilient even during recessionary periods.
  • As new car dealerships are closing around the country, so too closing are their mechanical repair bays to fix cars, and so nationally the number of repair bays is decreasing, growing the ratio of cars per repair bay to do mechanical work on them.