Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Franchising

Franchisee Qualifications

While franchise candidates do not need previous automotive experience to own and operate an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, there are financial, educational, and personal characteristics or attributes we seek in potential candidates.

We do require the following qualifications:

  • Liquid capital of $350,000+ (cash or assets that can be converted to cash within 30 days)
  • Net worth of $550,000+ (assets, minus liabilities)
  • Minimum education of high school degree
  • General interest in business and proven ability to manage people

In addition, we seek candidates who possess certain personal characteristics and attributes, such as:

  • passion and pride for delivering a great customer experience to every customer
  • strong interpersonal skills to work with customers and manage store staff
  • enthusiastic and high energy
  • goal and growth orientation
  • professional demeanor
  • initiative to build their own business, and the desire to make it succeed
  • an entrepreneurial attitude, but understanding the importance of following a brand system

Note, financial requirements can be achieved through the combined assets of partners.