Advantages To Franchising With Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers

There are thousands of franchise opportunities available today. Here are the key reasons we believe our business is an excellent choice:

Best Business Model in the Industry

Our proven business model has a 99% survival rate of any store in our chain that has been built from the ground up, a rare accomplishment in the franchise industry. Here are a few factors we believe drive that success:

  • Superior Personnel – With our staffing and compensation system, Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers has been able to hire, train and retain top-notch employees who share our mission and values. Our customers know that at every location they’ll find friendly, competent technicians they can trust.

  • A True One-Stop Shop – Not only do we provide our signature 10 minute oil change while the customer waits in their vehicle, but we can also perform tire installations and full mechanical service.

  • Outstanding Site Selection & Facilities – Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers facilities are larger, brighter and more attractive than our competitors’ locations. We only build on “A” location sites, which are chosen for their high-traffic, destination-oriented retail developments surrounded by densely populated communities. Our flexible store design concepts allow us to maximize individual site and lot configurations.

  • Quality Products – We use only top-of-the-line, nationally recognized products and have long-standing relationships with vendors of the finest quality products in the market. Due to our chain’s purchasing power, these vendors not only provide support to our franchisees through reduced pricing, but also participate financially in marketing programs.

  • Strength of Support – We offer extensive support to each franchisee, including our highly experienced Franchise Support & Training Officers who combine decades of success in every aspect of the business. Additionally, our franchisees benefit from ExpressTrack, our proprietary data management system that helps owners easily track key indicators in their business.

No Automotive Experience Necessary

We do not require previous mechanical experience to own and operate an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers franchise. Our franchisees are not auto mechanics. They are business managers who hire and manage highly skilled, trained, certified automotive technicians and mechanics. We provide a comprehensive training program that puts each franchisee in a position to succeed in all areas of the business.

Strong Growth of the Automotive Service Industry

Founded in the 1970s, then established and defined in the 1980s, the quick oil change business has become not just a viable business, but an industry with enormous growth potential and strong return on investment. In today’s busy world, consumers are pressed for time. We are confident the convenience of the quick oil change will continue to draw customers away from the long waits at automotive dealerships and mechanic shops.

Additional economic factors that point to continued industry growth include:

  • Automotive service, repair and maintenance cannot be done over the internet. For the foreseeable future, it is one industry that will not be “disrupted” by Amazon or other online giants.

  • Increasing population is also increasing the number of cars on the road.

  • The rising cost of purchasing a vehicle causes people to keep their vehicles longer and to become more maintenance-conscious in order to protect their investment. This trend is even more prevalent during economic downturns and makes the quick lube industry resilient even during recession periods.

  • Car dealerships are closing around the country, reducing the number of repair bays across the country and growing the ratio of cars per repair bay.

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