March 27, 2013

Gregg Gaskins: Multi-Unit Franchise Innovator

Gaskins: Technology has played a significant role in our business environment. First and foremost, it allows us to communicate with our customers much more often and in a more cost-effective manner while providing relevant information to make their lives a little easier. At Express oil Change & Service Center, we now have a method of predicting a customer’s driving tendency based on prior service intervals. This allow us to match the customer’s driving patterns, the vehicle’s actual mileage and scheduled maintenance items directly from the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep the customer informed of future scheduled service items. The results are increased frequency of customer visits.

This year we plan to take advantage of cloud computing and the benefits it would afford us with multiple locations. Cloud computing offers a very inexpensive way to store large amounts of data and share resources only accessible by defined users from any location. We plan to sue cloud computer to store everything from basic forms to material safety data sheets and everything in between. This makes effective management of a multi-site business much simpler.

We are in the infant stages of working with social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We have begun an initiative to ask our customers for a moment of their time to provide a review on Google+ Local. Social media is here to stay, and the interesting part will be how to make it work for us.

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