January 15, 2014

Companies Gear Up for 2014 at Franchise Expo South-Houston

Don Larose, senior vice president of franchise development for Express Oil Change & Service Center, agrees with Wieters assessment of lead generation taking a front seat in 2014.

“I see lead generation services doing more to deliver pre-qualified leads to their client companies due to the proliferation of sites and services that were quite often delivering junk leads and spreading them around to many of their clients, making the leads useless to franchising brands,” he said. “Client companies are going to be looking for fewer, better leads rather than larger numbers of weak leads.”

Express Oil Change, a recognized leader in the quick-lube and automotive service industry, will focus on quality over quantity in 2014 and while attending the Expo South. “Houston is one of our key development markets as are other areas throughout Texas and the South, such as Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida,” said Larose. “Like at all Expos, we are looking for exposure of the brand to potential franchise candidates, and hopefully two or three strong candidates who move forward with us to become franchisees.”

In 2014, the company expects to open two company stores and 12 franchised units in various markets. In additional to their expansion efforts though out the South, Express Oil Change is targeting Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and Kansas City for growth.

“Last year was an outstanding year for us,” said Larose. “Total store sales were up 6.9 percent over 2012 in store over store same sales growth, and we grew the number of stores by 5 percent. We also sold new store development agreements in a number of new markets, including San Antonio, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, Chicago and Phoenix.”

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