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Michelin Primacy Tour A/s

All-Season Passenger Car Touring tire.


  • Enhanced comfort control with PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning combines frequency cancelling shoulder grooves and block chamfers with ultra smooth belts

  • Latest generation of advanced rubber compound

  • Sharp lateral groove angles

  • M+S Rated

  • 45,000 Mile/75,000 Kilometer Limited Treadwear Warranty (W-Rated)

  • 55,000 Mile/90,000 Kilometer Limited Treadwear Warranty (H/V-Rated)

  • ZP (Zero Pressure) tires - the maximum mileage warranty for ZP tires is 30,000 miles/50,000 kilometers

  • Standard Manufacturer's Limited Warranty


  • Provides an exceptionally quiet ride

  • Maintains tread block flexibility in cold temperatures to help grip on snow and ice

  • Bite into snow to handle turns with confidence in winter conditions

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