1992 Ford F-250 Custom 4x4 (H.D. Front End)(GVWR 6800) Opt 2 Tires Near Me

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Goodyear TRIPLE RIB HD F-2


Agricultural F-2 Bias Tri Rib Front Tractor tire for General Farm Work - Grip.

SIZE: 0/0R16



Item #: TRD284

$19188/ TIRE

* Prices are valid as of 8/17/2022 and are subject to change.

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The display of tires and information shown on this page is for your general consideration only, and must not be taken as a guarantee of suitability for the specified vehicle , a 1992 Ford F-250 Custom (4x4 h.d. front end gvwr 6800 ) . A suitable tire can only be recommended by a qualified tire installer who has viewed the compliance plate of the vehicle and has spoken with the vehicle’s driver on matters such as the durability, performance, and price of the tire; the terrain, weather, and road conditions of the driver’s location; and the driving needs and style of the driver. Learn more in the Terms of Use of this web site.

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