Yokohama 11R22.5 H SY767

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck All-Season Highway Drive Long Haul, Regional tire.


  • Multi-season rubber compounding
  • Extensive grooving and closed sipes
  • Deep wide grooves
  • Extra-wide tread matched with 26/32" tread depth
  • Thick under tread
  • Yokohama Limited Warranty/Adjustment Policy for Truck/Bus Tires
  • Special Casing Warranty


  • For superior grip and wear resistance
  • Maximize biting edges for enhanced traction
  • Increase traction without reducing block rigidity
  • Efficiently evacuate water to maximize contact with the road surface
  • Promotes great handling stability and long, even wear
  • Provides cool running for extended casing life

Tire Specifications

Ply Rating16
Load Capacity6610pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation120PSI
Tread Depth26

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Yokohama SY767


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