Michelin 280/80R18 IND TL XMCL R-4

Agricultural R-4 tire Designed for Use in a Variety of Construction and Industrial Applications. Versatile Drive Tire for Compact Line Equipment including Backhoes, Telescopic Handlers and Utility Tractor Applications.


  • Tire construction features a steel crown belt package for extra protection
  • Massive lugs designed for optimized wear
  • Radial technology, an aggressive tread pattern and a flat stable crown
  • With a casing designed for extra load capacity, the XMCL™ tire helps provide up to 50% greater carrying capacity than the XM27™ tire


  • Outstanding puncture and damage resistance
  • Extemely long tire life
  • Extraordinary traction in all kinds of job conditions
  • High load capacity

Tire Specifications

Load Rating132
Speed RatingA8/B
Tread Depth35

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Michelin XMCL


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