Belts & Hoses Service

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  • Belts should be inspected about once a month or at a minimum, with every oil change. Look for frayed, worn, glazed or cracked belts. Most cars today have only one belt that controls all systems (alternator, fan, water pump, power steering, air conditioning, etc.).
  • Belts should be replaced approximately every 50,000 miles or if a belt has more than ten cracks in a one-inch section of the belt.


  • Hoses should be checked approximately every three months, or with every oil change. At Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, we inspect the vehicle’s hoses as we perform an oil change. Our technicians look for swelling, softness, or cracking. Inspecting hoses can potentially be dangerous if the engine is at operating temperature. Let an experienced Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers technician perform hose inspections on your vehicle.
  • Most vehicles have two radiator hoses and several heater hoses. Some hoses are not visible and can be overlooked if you are not a trained technician