technician pouring antifreeze

Cooling System Repair Service

Play it cool.

Your car’s engine generates a lot of heat. In the most basic terms, your car’s cooling system is designed to keep the temperature down so your car doesn’t overheat. It’s a complex system that includes the radiator, fans, water pumps, belts, hoses and thermostat. Taking care of your car’s cooling system is essential to avoid ending up on the side of the road with smoke coming from under your hood.

How often do you need a coolant flush?

Your owner’s manual includes specific recommendations about when to service your car’s cooling system. However, every 30,000 miles is a standard recommendation for most vehicles. This interval can also vary depending on the climate where you live and the conditions you drive in.

What are the signs you have a problem with your cooling system?

Signs you need to get your cooling system inspected are as follows:

  • The temperature light on your dashboard may illuminate.

  • You might see smoke coming from your engine.

  • White exhaust smoke may come out of your tail pipe.

  • Coolant, normally a green or orange fluid, could be leaking from your vehicle.

  • The smell of sweep maple syrup can mean a leak in your cooling system.

What’s the difference between antifreeze and coolant?

Antifreeze makes up 50 percent of your car’s coolant, with the other 50 percent being water. In other words, antifreeze is just a component of the mixture called coolant. This mixture works to keep your engine from freezing when it’s very cold. It also keeps your car from overheating, which is not usually caused by external temperatures, but by the heat generated by the engine itself.

What’s included in a cooling system service?

A cooling system service at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers includes removing the old coolant and any contaminants, refilling the system with new coolant and inspecting for any visible leaks in the system. If a leak is found, our team is well equipped to perform the necessary repairs.

Overheating is one of the most common causes of engine damage, which is why it’s so important to maintain your car’s cooling system. Stop by or schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you and rest assured we’ve got your cooling system needs covered.