technician installing windshield wiper blade

Windshield Wiper Replacement Service

Can you see clearly now?

Do you ever get that odd social anxiety when you notice your windshield wipers are set to a different speed than everyone else’s? Like you didn’t get the memo about how bad the rain really is? We can’t help you with your wiper anxiety, but we can help you see clearly in all weather. Because regularly replacing your wiper blades is an important part of vehicle maintenance to keep you safe on the road.

How often should you change your wiper blades?

Because wiper blades are made from rubber or silicone, they will break down from usage and exposure to the elements. It’s recommended windshield wiper blades be changed every six to 12 months. What type of blades you use and where you live will impact how long your wiper blades last. If you live in a colder, wetter climate, you will likely have to change yours more frequently.

How do you know if you need windshield wiper replacements?

When your windshield wiper blades are no longer doing their job, they need to be replaced. Tell-tale signs you need new wiper blades are:

  • Squeaking or other unusual noises as your wipers move

  • Streaking on your windshield

  • Visibly cracked or bent rubber or silicone on your blades

How long should windshield wipers last?

Again, how long windshield wiper blades last depends on the type of blade and the climate of where you live. Whether you park in the sun or use your wipers to clear ice and debris off your windshield will also affect the lifespan of your wiper blades.

Our team of experts will check your wiper blades and windshield washer fluid when you come in for your oil change. Just stop by or call your local Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers and we'll wipe the worry away!