technician removing radiator cap

Radiator Repair Service

Is your car all hot and bothered?

Some people like hot rods. Others like sizzling speedsters or red-hot racers. But no one likes a car that’s hot under the hood. No one. Because when it comes to your engine, too much heat is definitely a bad thing. Which is why you have a radiator. So your car keeps its cool — and you keep on driving.

What does your car radiator do?

When your engine runs, it generates heat. So, there’s a liquid called coolant that is regularly circulated through your engine to absorb the heat and keep your engine from overheating. But the coolant needs to be cooled at some point so it can do its job. This cooling — with the help of fans and sheer surfaces — happens in your car’s radiator, with an assist from your car’s water pump. So, long story short, your car’s radiator cools the coolant that keeps your car engine from overheating.

What’s a radiator flush?

A radiator flush is pretty much what it sounds like: a flushing out of your car’s radiator and other cooling system components and replacement of old coolant with new, clean coolant. This removes all deposits and rust from your system, which helps improve performance and extends the life of your engine. During the flush, your Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers technician will also check your entire cooling system — engine block, belts, hoses, thermostat, pump and fans — for any problems or damage. We will also lubricate your water pump, which helps the system run better as well.

How do you know if you need your radiator repaired?

  • Temperature gauge shows the engine is hot – There could be several causes for this, but a faulty radiator is one of the most common.

  • Car overheating – Like the temperature gauge, there could be other reasons for overheating but the radiator is the first place your trained Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers technician will look.

  • Coolant leak – If you notice green or orange fluid leaking from your car, chances are pretty good you have a radiator or cooling system leak.

Problems with your car’s radiator, or other parts of the cooling system, can cause long-term damage to your engine. Instead of waiting for your car to overheat, it’s smart to have your radiator and cooling system inspected and flushed on a regular basis. Your Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers technician can help you set up a regular schedule for cooling system maintenance.