close up of vehicle strut

Shocks & Struts Repair Service

Does your car need some shock therapy?

If your ride is feeling bouncy or bumpy, the answer is likely yes. Because, among other things, your shocks and struts are responsible for keeping your ride smooth regardless of what shape the road is in. So when your ride starts getting a little rough — or your steering a little stiff — you might need to bounce into one of our bays for some much-needed shock therapy.

What are shocks and struts and what do they do?

Shocks and struts are part of your car’s suspension system, which encompasses a group of parts that help absorb the impact of bumps and other obstacles in the road so you can enjoy a smooth ride. Most vehicles come with either shocks or struts — not both — though certain vehicles do have shocks on some wheels and struts on the others.

  • Struts are important structural components that hold the weight of your car, while also keeping your car in alignment – speaking of, it’s important to have your wheels aligned any time work is performed on your struts.

  • Shock absorbers are simply that – hydraulic components that absorb shocks and jolts – as you drive. Working with the struts, which typically also include a spring, these parts help make driving more comfortable and greatly improve control and handling.

What are the signs of bad shocks or struts?

  • Bumpy ride – Because shocks and struts are designed to absorb bumps and smooth your ride, if you notice your car is a bit bumpy or bouncy, it might be time to get your shocks and struts checked out.

  • Steering issues – Shocks and struts help with the steering and control of your vehicle. So, if steering suddenly becomes more challenging, our team can help pinpoint whether it’s the suspension or another steering system issue.

  • Dipping or swaying – Take notice when the front end of your car dips when you brake or the entire car sways to one side when turning. Any abnormal activity when braking or turning needs to be checked ASAP.

  • Uneven tire wear – Any odd tire wear should be investigated as this can be a sign of numerous problems.

Do you have to replace shocks and struts at the same time?

You should get the shocks or struts on all wheels replaced at the same time, or at least in pairs, as they typically wear out at a similar rate. Riding with one new shock or strut while the others are worn out can cause unpredictable handling and make keeping up with maintenance much more challenging. Not only will this make your car safer and your ride more comfortable, but it will extend the life of your tires as well.

What are the benefits of having worn shocks and struts replaced?

In addition to improving your vehicle's safety, ensuring your shocks and struts are in good condition will also:

  • Improve handling and steering

  • Reduce uneven tire wear

  • Make driving smoother

  • Improve braking ability

When you visit your neighborhood Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, your technician will carefully examine your car’s suspension system and discuss any recommended service or repairs with you. And you can rest assured that when replacing any parts, including shocks and struts, we always use parts that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications for your vehicle.